Slaughterhouse Five at O'Neill

I'm heading off to the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's National Music Theater Conference to participate in a reading of the new musical of Slaughterhouse Five. "Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time. Ripped from Optometry School and thrown into the Battle of the Bulge, he meets soldiers as alien to him as the inhabitants of the distant planet Tralfamadore, where he finds himself installed in the Earthling wing of their zoo. Bounced back and forth from childhood to old age, from WWII POW camps to marriage and family back home, he struggles to find a way to fight the past, live fully in the present, and find hope for his planet's future. Based on the classic novel by Kurt Vonnegut, which was inspired by his own experiences during World War II as filtered through his quirky humor and theatrical, other‐worldly imagination." By Jed Feuer (Music) & Adele Ahronheim (Book & Lyrics) Directed by Lindsey Hope Pearlman Music Direction by Albert Ahronheim

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